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Scam is not an Issue

If you think there are too much scam now, I will tell you a story. Since the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) times, when we join a chat channel to meet new people, chat with friends, or find a date, many things are changed. In those times, usually you hear about a channel where people from your city used to join, or channels where fun people used to join, or people with the same interest. Once in the channel, there were OPs (channel operators) who monitored the channel, and kicks you off if you do something offensive or try to scam someone. There were bots, acting as normal OPs, but doing certain tasks, like kick people if they say some offensive words automatically or ask you for money (typical scam technique). Guys used to chat with girls to try to invite them to go out. Sometimes she were not a girl, but a guy with a female nick name, just to catch others guys and laugh of them. People used to send pics to meet each other, or share music, and their ICQ numbers, or phone numbers. And from time to time, some channels used to organize partys, to let each user meet others personally. I used to be a channel operator, and spend more than 8 hours online chatting. With other OPs we did a webpage with pics and descriptions about the most known channel users, and each user were able to send texts to post on their web areas. We never thought someday something similar called facebook will be so famous. Now people use it to post their pics, ideas, what they are doing, and so. And use Xpersonals sites to get dates. A lot of things changed, now people organize partys on facebook, but usually everybody knows each other, or can see their photos, or know their friends just watching their contacts. In the IRC times you always meet new people, who you or your friends never heard of. Some things changed for good, but other stuff we lost. Actually you can find strangers too. Just post your info to an XPersonals site, and search for somebody who match what you are looking for, in the same area where you live, and you can read what the other is looking for, without the need of chatting or meeting in person remember to void those who try to scam you asking for money or cc details!. This way you can get laid or get a good date, with completely strange people, or search for a person exactly as you want for making a couple. I have a friend who get married like this, he found his wife on a dating site, he moved to her town, and now both lives together.
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Hello xpersonals world!

Welcome to fascinating World of Adult Dating! XPersonals.Info will bring you the latest news and tendencies about the websites involved in the personals arena, because people tend to swith between sites from time to time.

There are many niches in the dating arena, like senior dating, singles dating, gay dating, and so. Our focus will be the adult sites supporting any kind of relationship, but focused in sex, only sex. The sites we’ll talk about should not block explicit photos or explicit text messages, so, if you are not into that kind of content, better to read other blog 🙂

People used to say that men are more attracted to physical factors, and women are more attracted to personalities. Men are more attracted by what they see, a sexy woman for example; and women are more attracted by what we can not see but perceive, feel or hear. Even when a guy is very attractive, girls are more interested in how he uses his body that the body itself.

Then you can think, sites with explicit pics will have only male traffic. Well… maybe, or maybe not. We are in the XXI century, and the things changed a lot. Now you can see a girl watching porno, and a guy watching a telenovel or cooking. I think … (will be continued)
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